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For those who know and love (or loathe!) the pubs in Glasgow!
* Are the 13th Note and Mono REALLY the only bars lj users frequent in Glasgow?

* Who has the best beer garden?

* Are spit and sawdust pubs better than the likes of Campus?

* Who serves the best pint?

* And where has the least dour bar staff?

* And does Lloyds actually have the nicest toilets?

* What about those vending machines with vibrators? Or hair straighteners? What do the guys get?

* Want to shout about your favourite pub?

* Have you survived the Subcrawl? (and did you actually include Cessnock?)

I think this community is pretty self-explanatory. Please come here and recommend some good pubs to your fellow Glasgow drinkers. Or slate some ones you hate. Or if you're feeling really intellectual debate the smoking ban, or the glass ban. Or maybe you're trying to track down a bar that sells a particular drink, or plays a specific time of music.

(and yes you can talk about clubs too, I promise i won't shout)
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