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Fri, May. 11th, 2007, 12:03 am
angelfreak: Bar Square

So I ventured out of my drinking home that is Sauchiehall St last Saturday and ended up in Bar Square down in Merchant City. I'm pretty sure it used to be something else, but I couldn't tell you what, nor when it changed.

Anyway, it was pretty much what you'd expect from a merchant city bar. Designed for trendy, young people as, I presume, a pre-club bar. The drinks were pretty expensive starting at £3 (although the cocktails were quite reasonable!) and it was very dark inside! There was a DJ supplying the 'tunes' although i they were so run-of-the-mill I now can't remember what they sounded like! It was pretty quiet considering it was a Saturday night, it kind of gave the impression it was maybe struggling a bit. The clientele being a bit wide of its target market..there were some very camp guys (which I suppose was to be expected) a couple of neds, a few suits and a couple of girls who when you looked closely were probably older enough to be your mother.

We were momentarily excited by the 'outside but not really outside'...the bar is part of Merchant Square, so has access to the courtyard bit in the middle, where there were more tables and chairs. Of course its still technically indoors so its not like you can smoke or anything!